Different Types Of Craps Games

The main variation of craps that you can find in live casinos is “Bastard Craps” (crapless craps). You can find this game in Las Vegas casinos, and just as the name suggests, the game is traditional craps, but with one big change — none of the numbers are “craps.” So if you roll 2, 3, 11, or 12 as a result, they become points instead of immediate winners or losers. This game changes the dynamic a bit, and can provide much more action. There is a slight variance in the house edge, with the pass line bet becoming a very big bet with over 5%, rather than being one of the best bets in the casino — which is why you should avoid it if you want to play craps bastard. At the time of this writing bastard craps is not available at any online casino,

Another craps variant that you may have heard of is street craps. There is a comprehensive article on street craps at AnswersCasino, which should answer any questions you may have. Of course, street craps is not available to play online, and I would not recommend looking for it on the street. Instead, get some friends over for a round if you’re interested in playing this craps variant. This is a great craps variation to play with friends, as all you need is two dice and a couple of buddies.

New York Craps is a traditional variation of the game of craps, played primarily on the East Coast of the United States (in case the name wasn’t entirely clear!) so don’t expect to play this in Las Vegas or California. This variant has no Pass Line Bets, Come Bets, or Place Bets, which is clearly the main difference from traditional craps. Betting on specific numbers is the main focus of New York Craps, and payouts have no house edge, but winnings are subject to a 5% commission. So, while the game is much simpler than craps, the odds are not in your favor as there are no pass line and finish bets — you are trading this advantage for simplicity in New York Craps. Again,

As you can see, craps variations are not available online right now. There is not enough interest in these games for online casinos to offer them — they are very specific games for a very specific market. Having said that, it is a good thing that online casinos do not offer these games for their players, as the odds for players are much worse. If you stick to playing traditional craps, you have the chance to play a game with an extremely favorable house edge, and that’s something you don’t want to lose in any game. Even if New York Craps or Bastard Craps were to be released at an online casino, and you already know how to play craps, it would not be worth switching. However, if you want to learn the basics of craps, there are simpler games to get you started in the world of craps betting. You can either do that or read the AnswersCasino articles to better understand craps without having to go hunting for a bastard craps game or New York Craps.

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